January 2017

Appease Me

Last night I said these words to Donny I hope you’re wearin a rubber johnny C’mon, c’mon c’mon c’mon Appease me oh yeah And I’ll appease you I hope you like the quaich I brought…

Occupy The World

Studio recording of song performed live at Occupy Edinburgh 17th Dec. 2011. Available on the album Caledonian Mercury Music┬áby The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band. Event reviewed by The Skinny here. Please follow and like…

Without Ewan McGregor

Well, my name is Charley Boorman Me and Ewan go on tour, man On our motorbikes We have such a laugh But nobody wants my bloody autograph They don’t know who I am I’m Charley…

Project Farce

Don’t come round here, Don’t come round here, We’ve done away with Project Fear We’ve moved on to Project Farce Boris Johnson – what an arse The cunt, the cunt, the country Is rudderless and…


A Half Man Half Biscuit sample provides the background to a song about the meaningless of life and quiz shows. from the album Ziggy Sturgeon and The Spiders From Katie Melua’s Ears by Tommy Mackay….

Winter Of 2010

It’s all gone a bit cold like back in the good old winter of 2010. Please follow and like us:

Call Me Number One

  Stramash-up of The Tremeloes ‘Call Me Number One’ with one of those relaxation tape thingies and a stereo testing thingy. from the album Mind Programming by Tommy Mackay Please follow and like us:


  2017 – we know where you’ve been But what you got in store? More peace, more love, more hate, more joy, more crap TV, more war 2017 and all points inbetween Keep your pecker…