2017 – we know where you’ve been
But what you got in store?
More peace, more love, more hate, more joy, more crap TV, more war
2017 and all points inbetween
Keep your pecker up
Whatever that means, 2017
The thought that counts is not the thought I’m thinking of that’s clean


Call KKK, whaddya say
All you hoodies there?
Miss Ann Thropic on the line
I’m feeling rough
Youre feeling fine

I’m no Nostradamus
But when Barack Obama’s
Fled the scene
2017’s gonna be mean, mean, mean, mean, mean

Here are my predictions for 2017
RIP the queen
Donald Trump will be portrayed by Mr Michael Sheen
We all live on a nuclear submarine
Brexit will be haunted by the ghost of Hughie Green
And Theresa May will be replaced by Mr Bean

2017 – I’m really not that keen
Cryogenically freeze me in my time machine

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