July 2017

Michael Gove

  Pip squeak minister wants a yacht for the queen. From the album This is Rubbish by The Dish-Faced Camerons Please follow and like us:


Liam Fox shafted. Available on the album ‘Caledonian Mercury Music’ Please follow and like us:

Everything Is Catching On Fire

  Everything is catching, yeah everything is catching on fire All it takes is just a spark of chemistry from you In Germany it’s feure, in France it is feu Let us ban the flames…


Baby look at me I’m on the BBC I’ll throw a couch out the window in a minute I’ve got a fire extinguisher, me And I can set it free In the future I will…

Hannah Bardell

Hannah Bardell SNP Hannah Bardell SNP In the HOP in your Scotland top Hannah Bardell SNP Hannah Bardell SNP Your business attire is on fire Hannah Bardell could it be You’re gonna show every MP…


  Inspired by an image by Robert Florence, here’s a trailer for an imaginary album. Please follow and like us:

Tears For Peers

  People say I’m cold That I sold my soul for gold But really I’m a mess of emotions Maggie Thatcher made me quiver Boris Johnson makes me simper I shed a tear at the…


Where there is harmony, may we bring discord. Where there is truth, may we bring error. Where there is faith, may we bring doubt. And where there is hope, may we bring despair. from the…


And it’s ah….. Tony Blair and me… from the album Tales From The Locker Room by The Jung Ones featuring Deep Freud Pizza. Listen here Please follow and like us:

Rangers In The Shite

Rangers in the shite exchanging asssets Wond’ring if Craig Whyte Has shit his pants yet, he needs to hold tight Before he follows through. Something in your Ibrox chairman’s meeting, Something in your smile said…