Do Ye Ken John Peel?


On the 14th anniversary of his death, here’s a song from the 40 Odd Years Of The Fall album about John Peel:

D’ye ken John Peel do ya do ya eh?
Do ye ken John Peel from the end of day?
Do ye ken John Peel now he’s far, far away
With his Sounds and The Fall in the morning?

With the sound of Pickin The Blues in my head
His theme tune by Grinderswitch I heard in bed,
He changed from admiring the Grateful Dead
To playing The Fall till the morning.

Yes, I kent John Peel on Radio 1,
Ten to twelve in seventy seven
From prog to reggae, from reggae to punk
From punk to death metal with no warning.

Then here’s to John Peel from my heart and soul
Let’s drink to his health, let’s finish the bowl,
We followed John Peel even when he played Hole
Till the early hours of the morning.

D’ye ken John Peel with his wife The Pig?
He liv’d at Peel Acres where he’d put on gigs,
Now he has gone far, far, far away,
We shall ne’er hear his voice in the morning.


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