She Conned Her Papa (Ivanka)


What she did with her emails
Is so criminal
Is so dishonest
Is so shocking
She was willing to risk our foreign enemies reading her emails
She lied a dog on her emails
She lied like a dog
(Lock her up! Lock her up!)

Ivanka sent some personal emails
Naughty pup
Don’t lock her up
Yuk yuk yuk yuk
(Lock her up! Lock her up!)

Her dad said Hillary should go to jail
Shut her up
Lock her up
Yuk yuk yuk
(Lock her up! Lock her up!)

But wait, it’s not hypocrisy
If ignorance is your plea
Just say you didn’t know that it was wrong
That’s OK, move along
Move along

I guarantee one thing
We’re gonna be talking about those emails
Every moment of every day

I’d rather rake a forest than a street
Yes, I would
If I could
I surely would

I’d rather let the poorest take the heat
Oh I have
I really have
I surely have

(Lock her up! Lock her up!)
This is the biggest scandal since Watergate
She should be in prison


from the album Cunt Of The Century by Supertrump

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