99% Of Little England Love Nigel Farage

Nigel’s tweeted about his new march! Here it is (sort of):  “I’m marching from Swaziland to Lundin Links to tell the Melchester Rovers we will not be betrayed over breakfast. Get your wanking boots on!”

Meanwhile, here’s the old Half Bam Half Whisky classic, to sing while you’re wanking:

99% of Little England love Nigel Farage
He’s a cross between a gargoyle and a bullfrog at large
It should be pronounced ‘Faridge,’ I don’t say ‘gararge’
You won’t find him in Claridges, or should I say ‘Clararge’

Oh he’s a cheeky chappy millionaire
If you want to drop him a line
He’s a permanent fixture on BBC’s Question Time
He’s always in a pub, I bet he drinks lager and lime
Cos he’s such a fucking dick he makes Russell Brand look like Einstein

Quest que c’est?
Fa – fa – fa – fa- fa
Fa – fa- fa- Farage
If you’re stuck in traffic you can blame foreigners
If it’s raining men you can blame the gay bars

from the EP All I Want For Christmas Is A Torphichen Inn Away Kit by Half Bam Half Whisky. Listen here

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