Hot Take


Well I’ve seen the latest news and I’ve got a point of view ahaha
The Labour manifesto is like the 70s oh what a laugh
T.Rex in the charts and we all read Karl Marx ahaha

It was a glamorous time, if you ignored the grime ahaha
There was love in the air but we just didn’t care ahaha
We didn’t know our place and we rocked against racism ha!

All education was free, even milk, until she snatched it back
We had Morecambe and Wise and Frey Bentos pies – a ha ha
Unprotected sex through rose tinted specs – a ha ha

Ow Ow Uh

Well it might have been shit and we might have got hit by the tawse
But there was no Trump or May, and no UKIP and no rape clause
I’m a thrupenny bit and that is my hot take – a ha ha

Nostalgia-la-la-la-land ….
Half Bam Half Whisky aha

from the album Caledonia Uber Alles by Half Bam Half Whisky

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