Mayday Medley


The Conservative Unionist Negotiating Team are all over this
So send in the CUNTS
Useless on Brexit

Ooh you made me live
Never mind the magic money tree
It’s you, the DUP
Ooh you saved my skin now honey
Ooh you made me live…

Ooh you’re the best friends that I ever had
I’ll be with you for a long time
We’ll walk in the sunshine and I want you to know
That I can play the flute
And bang a drum too
Terrorist friend

Oh she’s learned a brand new melody
On the House Of Commons floor
It’s the one she learned from Ian Paisley
The tache Michael White wore

Looking over the cliffs of Dover
A giant Theresa May
Flicking the Vs at them overseas
Keeping Johnny Foreigner away

A Wicker May, A Wicker May…
Oh God. Oh Jesus Christ.

Between Boris and Donald Trump
Between a clown and a cunt
All of the arms that have been sold
To Saudis for a pot of gold

Keep the receipt
Make a spreadsheet
Vote with your feet
Through fields of wheat

Theresa May Is a shitebag
She won’t debate on TV
She might as well have a white flag
Get into the sea

You talk shite, hen…

Reasons to hate Tories one two three

Strong and stable, strong and stable
I’m your mum, I’m your mum
Let me sell your health care, let me sell your health care,
Don’t live long, don’t live long

Theresa May is a shitebag…

from the album It’s Turned Out Shite Again by George Flambé. Listen here

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