Gove On 45


Right now, right now, right now it’s time to take back control
Kick out the bams, motherfuckers
Gove, Gove
Let’s do it. You gotta beat the clock, you gotta beat the clock.
This is not a Gove song
A million Gove songs later…
Gove in an elevator. Ballsing it up as we’re going down*
The Power Of Gove – is a curious thing.
Made Boris weep, made Sarah Vine sing.
Paints a lie to a litle red bus. Unappealing,**
Crazy little thing called Gove
Gove will tear us apart again
What’s Gove got to do, got to do with it?
What’s Gove, but a second hand demotion?**
Tainted Gove
Gove is in the air
Gove! Walk out the door! Don’t turn around now, you’re not welcome any more
Might as well face it, you’re addicted to Gove
I’m Michael Gove – and I regret it
Bullet for Gove


with thanks to **@Tucker5Law and *@LeithWhisky


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  1. Gove! Always believe in your Gove, he’s got the power of Gove! He’s indestructible, always believe in…

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