In the year 2021
Everybody will want some fun
Cos in 2020 we had none
Let’s hope it isn’t worse
Can you imagine?

By the end of 2020
We all went – that’s plenty
We all need a jag
We need to get away
From England, Brexit and George Galloway

In the year 2021
We’ll see the end of Boris Johnson
Only to be replaced
By another pile of crumpled washing
With a melted face

Oh oh
I’ve been working from home too long
I really can’t be arsed doing yet another song
Predicting what will happen or pretending to care
So let’s call it a day and give in to the nightmare

But before I get too bleak
I’ll try and turn the other cheek
Seek out the positive, avoid oblivion
That’s my ray of hope and joy for 2021

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