Lady Mone (Treacherous Scants Merchant)

The Conservative peer Michelle Mone and her children secretly received £29m originating from the profits of a PPE business that was awarded large government contracts after she recommended it to ministers


Lady Mone – tacky, tacky
Lady Mone

She’s got a sumptuous apartment overlooking the Tower Bridge
When she’s all alone she only has to open up the door of her fridge
For the spotlight
In the moonlight
And she’s alright
For a bold knight
In shining armour
She’s an entrepreneur

Lady Mone – tacky, tacky
Lady Mone

You can marvel at the vision of the River Thames from her balcony
And relax on comfy cushions on the luxury of her settee

Lady money oney oney
Little pony in the House of Lords
You’re a little legislator
And a hater of the swarms and the hordes

She’s selected
And protected
Unaffected and unsensational
She’s inspirational

from the album Bam Glam by Tommy Mackay

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