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February 2007 Archive

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HARRY'S HAT (published 23 February 2007)

As the media are warned to lay off reporting details of Herr Harry's movements in Iraq, fashion designer, Vivian Wildwood, has unveiled her latest neon and velcro creation for the prince's headgear.





BEING JACK MCCONNELL (published 23 February 2007)

A portal leading into Jack McConnell's brain has been discovered on the M80. Drivers have been causing havoc on the motorway as they queue up to enter the secret world believed to contain all manner of fun thoughts and waffle making facilities.




DOES YER MAW KEN? (published 23 February 2007)

The Reckless presents for your aural delectation, a unique mix of Abba's 'Does Your Mother Know?' with Sir Mixalot's 'Baby Got Back.' Just because we can. Hear, here: Abba Got Back (mp3, right click, save as...)





COCAINE CAMERON CAUGHT ON CAMERA (published 16 February 2007)

Recent footage of squaddies snorting sherbert has revealed that Top Tory 'Charlie' Cameron was amongst their number. Our exclusive close up clearly shows the Conservative leader's nostril hoovering up the pixie dust on his favourite Gangsta Rap CD, 'Busta Bling Goes Bonkers', next to his credit card.

As he was led away screaming to his local rehab boutique yesterday, a distraught and repentent Mr Cameron said, 'OK, I admit it, I'm a drug addled loon. Please feel free to use my Visa details for all your purchasing needs.'





CAN'T STAND THE POLICE (published 16 February 2007)

Nooooooo! Why do they have to come back again? The Reckless despairs at the latest reformation and knocks up a quick un-tribute mix. Get your criminal record here: AW FUCK, THE POLICE! (mp3, right click, save as...)





FORTH ROPE BRIDGE (published 16 February 2007)

The replacement for the Forth Road Bridge has finally been revealed. Scottish Transport Minister, Van Pileup, said yesterday, 'We'll save a fortune! Twenty quid and the job's done!'






SNOWMEN STRIKE (published 9 February 2007)

Taking advantage of the inclement weather, snowmen across the country are airing their grievances about climate change and that.






3 DEGREES REFORM (published 9 February 2007)

The current freezing temperatures have prompted 70s disco stars, The 3 Degrees to seize a marketing opportunity and reform while their voices can still hold out. Prince Charles is said to be delighted at the reformation and has promised to donate his ears to medical science, or the Dumbo Appreciation Society - whoever applies first.




AH WANNAE BE ELECTED (published 2 February 2007)

Brand new single from Reckless editor and man o' the peeple, Tommy Mackay. Lyrics and mp3 available here for absolutely nothing: Elected






THE FIRST MINISTER'S DRESSING GOWN (published 2 February 2007)

B- side of brand new single from Reckless editor and man o' the peeple, Tommy Mackay. Lyrics and mp3 available here for absolutely nothing:The First Minister's Dressing Gown




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