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June 2002 Archive

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CAT EXPLOITATION (published 1 June 2002)

Feline follies

Not to be outdone by the Pratris game, gamemakers have also released Catris:

BIG BOW WOW (published 8 June 2002)

Collosus Canine Capers

Big Dog

Producers of the latest Big Brother series have decided to inject a large dose of fear into the programme by introducing a huge mechanical dog.

The giant pooch has been programmed to eat the week's most annoying contestant instead of the traditional voting out system.

ITCHY ARTS (published 22 June 2002)

Old Versus New

A late entry for this year's Turner prize by artist Dame Ian Hurts reveals the conflict between old and modern art.

OLIVE'S MAJOR MAKEOVER (published 29 June 2002)

On the Buses star's new role


Olive from On the Buses

Startling revelations from the world of dodgy 70s sitcoms as Olive from On the Buses is exposed as having had a complete makeover in the sex and racial area to become a leading exponent of the Brazilian beautiful game.


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