Friday, August 12, 2005


Leithstock Free Festival

Marmaduke DukeGet yersel down to Leith Market this sunday for the Leithstock festival featuring a whole squad of local luminaries and loonies, including those cheeky wee scamps, Whyte & Mackay. See Out of the Bedroom for details. In a rush, see you later.

Monday, August 8, 2005


Freebie CD Special

Marmaduke DukeThis weekend I got 3 free CDs with various publications, each showing off some fine Scottish talent. From the Is This Music? CD, The Flying Matchstick Men give us some electrodiscowonkpop with a Scottish accent. And damn catchy stuff it is, too. Then, from Mojo's Dylan covers CD, this old classic from John Martyn. Incidentally, Dylan fans in Edinburgh, there's a special Dylan covers night at Out of the Bedroom at The Waverley on St. Mary's Street on the 18th of August. Get along if you fancy a shot at a Zimmerman chune. Lastly, given away free with The Scotsman, we have a preview from the new Proclaimers album, Restless Soul, which is a fabulous little jive number with the killer lines - "Warmongers kill yourselves/Demonstrate the power of the product that you're trying to sell." Fantastic.

Flying Matchstick Men - All Yr. Secrets
John Martyn - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
The Proclaimers - D.I.Y.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005


Monica Genaro Complex

Marmaduke DukeMonica Queen, nice sort of breathy, airy fairy sort of thing. She used to be in Thrum, you know. Also was on Belle and Sebastian's 'Lazy Painter Jane' - you know the one. No, oh well, she good anywise. Damn good. Genaro have a lovely ramshackle feel about them and don't really fall into any particular handy genre. Just doing their own thing and making a great sound. Similarly, James Orr Complex have a unique style and devil may care approach. Listen to the end for surprise bleeps.


Monica Queen - Deja Vu
Genaro - Once in a While
James Orr Complex - Fade Grey to Fade Blue

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