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2017 RIP
David Davis Eyes
Bigmouth Tweets Again
Bull Penis Smoothie
Spider Killer
It's Ma Pairty
A Win? No Way
Sausage Roll Away The Stone
The Sensational Alex Salmond Band (Russian version)
A Hard List's Gonna Leak
Priti - Fey Cunt
Free Fallon
Viva Catalonia
Anas Sarwar
Day Job
My Favourite Dictators
Arseholes At Night
Fulsome Brexit Blues
Neil Oliver
Nick Robinson
Biscuit Tinnitus
Coment On The Latest Jackie Baillie Pish
Solid Gold Easy Redaction (Anas version)
You're So Vain
Bye Bye Kezia
Good Day At The White House
The Half Man Half Biscuit Song
All I Want For Christmas Is A Torphichen Inn Away Kit
Hannah Bardell
Do The Queensferry Walk
Tories In Extreme
Nuclear Surrender
Modern Day Presidential
Jeremy Corbyn
Schrödinger's Referendum (Can I Get A Reset?)
Colonel Gadaftie
Cuntissentially Cuntish
Fields Of Wheat
Wicker May
Theresa May Is A Shitebag
Tommy Sheppard
Hot Take
Looking After The One Show
Reasons To Hate Tories Part Three
500 Quid

The Ravages Of Rampant Capitalism
Strong And Stable
War Ukelele
Crush The Saboteurs
With My Little Schtick Of Post Punk Rock
Brexit Clown
Do You Agree With The Lady On The Gangway?
I've Never Seen An Advert In The Daily Reckless
Comedians Obedience Class
Caledonia Uber Alles
Spanish Rock
Stickers On A Statue
Sympathy For The Reckless
Necessary Hashtags
Subtweet Good To Me
Old English Spangles
King Of Kirkcaldy (Fade Away And Radiate)
You Talk Shite, Hen
Now Is Not The Time
Let's Flounce
Do You Know What You're Scrolling For?
Sadiq Khan
Storm Doris (She's Got Harry Lauder Eyes)
Silly Nob Gags
Bird Chopping Eco Crucifixes Of Your Mind
BBC Shortbread
Compulsive Liar
Sea Kelp
Jeremy Corbyn's Beard
My Sister-In_Law's Ex Husband's Nephew
My Cuckoo Queue
No To Joy
I've Got A Flask If Anyone's Thirsty
Bagpipe Music
I've Never Seen A Straight Banana
Nellie The Telephone
Mistra President
Oh! The Cinematography
Appease Me
My Baby Is Tied To A Timebomb
Hit The Nazi
Wobbly Rocket
Nobody Lives Where I Live

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