part 1

1. Sic Transit Gloria Scotiae I
2. Sic Transit Gloria Scotiae II
3. A Vision of Myself
4. Poet's Pub
5. The Looking Glass/The Unknown Goddess
6. My Nation's Soul
7. The Gothic Thistle
8. The Octopus
9. Ebb and Flow
10. All the Ins and Outs
11. To the Music of the Pipes
12. Our Educational System
13. The Crying of the Fair
14. Man and the Infinite
15. Man's Cruel Plight/The Challenge of the Arts/Outward Bound/The Ineducable
16. The Psycho-Somatic Quandary/Love
17. O Wha's the Bride?/Repetition Complex/The Problem Child
18. The Skeleton at the Feast/The Barren Fig
19. To Be Yourselves and Make That Worth Being/My Quarrel with the Rose
20. The Splore
21. The Mortal Flaw
22. The Tragic Tryst/Reductio ad Absurdum/The Spur of Love/The Feminine Principle
23. The Light of Life/Love Often Wuns Free
24. Yank Oot Your Orra Boughs
25. The Form and Purpose of the Thistle
26. Ballad of the Crucified Rose
27. The Thistle's Characteristics I
28. The Thistle's Characteristics II

A unique blend of music and poetry, this first part of Hugh MacDiarmid's classic of Scottish Literature is read by the man himself against a background of varied pieces of music including Lou Reed, Tchaikovsky, Fire Engines, Public Image Ltd and many many more.

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