Daily Reckless


Gie's Yer Jaiket

I was walking in Macarthur park
carrying a cake.
The recipe was easy,
didn't take me long to bake.
And then the rain began to pour
and I thought, Gie's a break,
when I heard a voice behind me say,
in tones that made me quake,

Gie's yer jaiket

My eloquent assailant
made me drop my cake in fright.
His kappa suit of white,
and gold rings dazzled in the light.
A nasal whine and baseball cap
dripping Burberry.
So now you know who left the cake out in the rain
- was me.

Now I know that Richard Harris sang
before the age of ned,
but the song is just a metaphor,
and anyway he's dead.
And while I'm here I must confess
I killed Bambi as well.
But I didn't put the bop in bop shoo wop
- that was someone else.

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