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You say Bin Laden, I say Bin Laden
You say Al Queda, I say Al Queda
Bin Laden, Bin Laden
Al Queda, Al Queda
Let's blow the whole thing up

Hey, Mr Taliban, do you say Al Queda?
Iraq or Iraq, Bono or Bono?

My old man's Bin Laden
He wears Bin Laden's hats
He wears gor blimey kaftans
And he lived in a house with very high walls and a military establishment nearby

He's deid! There's pictures!
But they winnae let it drop
Cos everybody knows that it was done on Photoshop

You'll get a little taste of him
When you go out for a swim
Now he's gone
When the dead Bin Laden comes bob bob bobing along

Well, I'm a suicide bomber, baby
But I love you to bits
I've got a strap-on that'll blow you away
Wrapped across my tits
Well it won't take long to sing my song
So let's make love quick
Did I make the earth move for you?
Did I make you quiver?
Boom went my heart
Boom went my liver

Gadaffi! Gadaffi!
Sitting in his baffies, says to his son,
Is it Saif?

They tried to make me go to jihad
I said no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, there's no semtex


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