Tommy Mackay

1. Radio Reckless
2. Bute House Sychophants
3. Lost in Franz Ferdinand
4. Kurt Cobana
5. That's George Galloway, Son
6. 45 Years From Kelso
7. The Kiss and Tell Overture
8. Central Belt Blues
9. Pink Floyd Are Shit
10. Marc Bolan
11. Heimlich Manoeuvres In The Dark
12. The Frosty Snowman
13. Lidl and the Damage Done/Everybody Must Get Toned
14. Psycho Delia

For years now, Tommy Mackay has been submitting audiences in pubs around Edinburgh to terrifying sets of musical dissidence. For what purpose and to what end, nobody knows. This collection brings together, for the first time, those songs which either have artists and their works in the title or just unashamedly rip off well known tunes for a spurious 'laugh'. Huh. It's not pig and it's not liver..


Download it here: Radio Reckless

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