Panda Panda

Doc, what's it about?

Panda, panda

Pandas for Scotland from China - woo!
They're sending them to Embra zoo
In Corstorphine, in Who's Who
Waddya say Mark?

Panda, panda

We're sending them salmon
They're sending us panda
The King of Scotland was in Uganda
Waddya say Mark?

Panda, panda

Whatever you do with those brand new pandas
Don't give them to Colonel Sanders
He'll only use them for propoganda
Waddya say Mark?

Panda, as ' to pander to'
Panda - animal
Panda! Pander! Panza!

He will put the panda pieces in a bucket and, ah
We will sit on the veranda
Watching telly - Miranda
Or maybe Harry Hill
Waddya say Mark?

Harry Hill encapsulates everything wrong with British society. What signals is he sending out to his big white shirt and large NHS spectacles? Fooling about - a qualified doctor needed by everybody. Doc - what's it about? I'll come back after you've stopped the useless jokes.

Panda, panda

What's it about?

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