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Yes O Yes


A collection of independence based tunes from the stable of the Daily Reckless. Available to listen to or download here: Yes O Yes

Band and Track info

Yes O Yes - The Foul
The Foul are South Queensferry's number one Fall tribute band. This instrumental is a cover of a Fall tune with added Matt Berry, Mark E Smith, Meg Ryan, Ben Kingsley and Molly Bloom from Ulysses.
The Foul

Tam Sheridan's Bairns (Looking Through Harry Lauder's Eyes) - The Tam Tam Club
The Tam Tam Club were formed in the wake of Fife Council's controversial relocationing of its public art sculptures, especially Rexy the dinosaur. This original recording sees them move on from their campaigning roots to tackle the cringe factor in the Scottish psyche.

The Tam Tam Club

Just Say Yes - Whyte & Mackay
Whyte & Mackay's mission in the mid naughties was to murder the pop classics by drowning them in alcohol. Here we see them sobering up to deliver an anthem for assertiveness.

Whyte & Mackay
(you can watch a Vladimir Putin version of the song here: Just Say Yes)

Positively Forth Bridge - Daley Reckless
Daley Reckless takes his name from the cult online paper which sings the news. Here, he rearranges Bob Dylan in a paean to that most iconic of bridges.

Daley Reckless

Yes Is The Drug - The Crystal Methodists
The Crystal Methodists, inspired by the disgraced Co-op bank boss, originally burst onto the scene with 'Beware Of Paul Flowers' in 2013. Here, they re-imagine a Roxy Music classic, giving it a profoundly positive spin.
Crystal Methodists

Referendum Boys (Ya Bass)- The Plagiarist feat. Aggy Pop
The Plagiarist has been laying low of late, but here resurfaces with a stramash-up of Iggy's 'Dum Dum Boys' and live excerpts from the chaotic Metallic KO. Features Aggy Pop in conversation at the start.
The Plagiarist

Project Fear - The Dish-Faced Camerons
The Dish-Faced Camerons tackle the disastrous Better Together agenda of attempting to scare the bejeezus out of everyone by including samples from Poltergeist and Strictly Come Dancing's Craig Revel Horwood.

The Dish-Faced Camerons

Wee Country - The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band
The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band's anthemic 'Wee Country' was originally the climax of their 2012 musical about the alcohol minimum pricing bill, Oliver Pissed. Here remixed for maximum affirmativeness.

The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band (video here)

A Drunk Man Looks At Throbbing Thistle (Part 20) - Throbbing Thistle
Throbbing Thistle here contribute the 'rumplefyke'* section of Hugh McDiarmid's epic poem, following their initial 5 part electronica handling of the masterpiece on the Rhythm & Bombast LP.

Throbbing Thistle

Your Unionist Friend - They Might Be Gannets
They Might Be Gannets, described by The Scotsman as 'a hoot' here offer a track from their 2013 album Fud - a Caledonian reinterpretation of They Might Be Giants album Flood.

They Might Be Gannets

Fuck The Mainstream Media - Tommy Mackay
Tommy Mackay, Editir Genral of the Daily Reckless, examines the cosy and often nepotistic world of the mainstream press in Scotland.

Tommy Mackay

Walking Bollock Naked In The Ochils - Extreme Scottish Sports
Extreme Scottish Sports extrapolate from a 2013 news story about a chap spotted walking bare naked scuddy in the hills around central Scotland.

Extreme Scottish Sports

Ziggy Sturgeon - The Nippy Sweeties
The Nippy Sweeties distort David Bowie in an homage to deputy leader and fiery warrior in waiting, Nicola Sturgeon.

The Nippy Sweeties (video here)

2014 - The Artist Formerly Known As Tinsel
The Artist Formerly Known As Tinsel here breaks from his traditional role as Christmas balladeer to celebrate a new year promising so much. There's also a remixed version of this song here: 2014

The Artist Formerly Known As Tinsel

I Am Not A Number - Phineas Freak & The Smooth Perturbations
Phineas Freak & The Smooth Perturbations, named after a whim in the imagination of Rab McNeil released one eponymous album, from which this track, mixing Jonathan Richman with The Prisoner, is taken. Video here.

Phineas Freak & The Smooth Perturbations


*Scots for itchy arse

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