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December 2007 Archive

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KING OF THE SWINGERS (PERJURY MIX) (published 21 December, 2007)

Following recent events, an updated version of last summer's Sheridan smash by the man they call 'vaguely humourous' (© Evening News), has been unleashed on an underwhelmed public. Get yer lugs round it here: King Of The Swingers (Perjury mix)





CHRISTMAS REVOLUTION (published 15 December, 2007)

Storming the Winter Palace of Seasonal Songs, the incredible Wright Brothers have beaten off all comers to jump straight in at number one on the Radio Reckless charts with their 'Christmas Revolution.' Ho, ho, and indeed, ho. Who are these revolutionary troubadours? Find out here: The Wright Brothers




XMAS CASH IN (published 15 December, 2007)

Remember, Purple Reindeer isn't just for Christmas, it's for ever. And ever. Amen. Yes, still available at the Reckless shop, The Artist Formerly Known As Tinsel's yuletide classic is the ideal present for those difficult to satisfy awkward distant relations. Get shopping.






IN RECOGNITION (published 8 December, 2007)

An early chrishmash treat for all disherning Recklessh fansh: It's a new mix by The Plagiarist of top Scots popsters The Proclaimers' fab tune, 'In Recognition' featuring everyone's favourite wife beating tax dodging hypocrite, Shorn Canary. Hear, here: In Recognition (Sean Connery Mix) (mp3 - right click, save as...)





RUDOLPH IN REHAB (published 8 December, 2007)

Father Christmas has confirmed his leading reindeer has been admitted to The Priory rehabiltation centre, Lapland branch. 'Rudolph's been in denial for years,' said a sorrowful Santa yesterday. 'The red nose was always a dead giveaway for his whisky habit though.' Meanwhile, Amy Whinearse is rumoured to be cutting a special Christmas record to help highlight Rudolph's sorry plight called 'They Tried To Make Me Drink Some Egg Nogg - I Said Fuck Right Off.'




WENDY BOAT COMES IN (published 1 December, 2007)

An abandoned kayak, believed to belong to beleaguered Labour leader, Wendy Alhavesomeofthat has been washed up on the Firth of Forth. Reports of her death are expected shortly, followed by an amnesiactastic return in five years time. Did someone say Kayak?




DONALD, WHERE'S YER SCHMOOZERS? (published 1 December, 2007)

Squillionaire slime ball, MacDonald Tramp, is set to have a special tartan rug fitted atop his bonce following news that the Scottish government is to kowtow to his every whim. It is understood the rest of Scotland is soon to be posted on E-Bay for all future prospective bidders to do with as they see fit. Meanwhile, Tommy Reckless has recorded a touching paean to the man which you can get here: Donald Trump






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