Scotland Calling Scotland Calling

A Caledonian celebration.

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1. Scotland Calling
The icy is coming!

2. Brand New Heart Attack
Scotland is reknowned for being the heart attack capital of the world. Hurrah!

3. (C.U.) Jimmy Hats
Russ Abbott is a cultural style icon in Scotland.

4. Plateful
See 'Heart Attack' above.

5. Airdrie Can't Fail
Airdrie is a place. In Scotland. It has many charms. Er...bear with me...

6. Haggis Bombs
A celebration of Burns Night incorporating 'Ode To A Haggis' and a food fight.

7. The Fyfe Profile
A tribute to the late, great Fyfe Robertson.

8. Lost In Paddy's Market
Remembering Glasgow's now defunct high class shopping retail outlet.

9. Working For The Cooncil
It's a dirty job and you really don't have to do it.

10. Huns Of Ibrox
A historical ballad.

11. Wrong 'Em Boyle
When Frankie met Susan. It was moidah!

12. Death Or Gorgie
Meanwhile on the East Coast, things are hotting up alright.

13. Kikka Keilidh
When Sportscene goes wrong.

14. The Cardonald Cheat
An epic struggle in the heart of the badlands.

15. Fifers Rock
Of Hippopotomi and Mescaline.

16. Four Grousemen
They're propping up a bar near you.

17. I'm Not Drunk
Ah'm no. Honest.

18. Edinburgh Rock
Vile stuff. Have you ever tasted it?

19. Troon In Vain
Delightful resort on the West Coast. With golf!

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