Scotland Calling Scotland Calling

A Caledonian celebration.



I'm all lost in Paddy's Market
No longer in Shipbank Lane
I came here for that special offer
Now it's closed, 'ats a poor wee shame

I was looking for Fran and Anna
Live in Greenock on CD
They had a bootleg last time I was down here
And a box set of 'Weir's Way' on DVD

I heard the people who traded at Paddy's
Got chucked out for dealing in drugs
It was labelled a crime-ridden midden
But you could get a cheap pair of wally dugs


I'm all tuned in to Antiques Roadshow
I'm gonny take ma wally dugs on ther
The next time it comes to Govan
I'll see whit I can get for the perr

They're trying to make it just like Camden Market
I cannae see it personally
You can take yer car to Hampden but you cannae park it
Unless you got loads of money


And it's not hear
It disappear
I'm all lost

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