The Tam Tam Club

Songs In The Key Of Fife

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They first met back in Glengrotty in the days when men were mean and wimmen were weary.

They were destined for grotty things.

And so it proved to be.

Years later, they decided to rip off old classic pop tunes by adding their own peurile, Glenrothian lyrics and the rest is hysterical.


The Tam Tam Club

Aye, that's right - it's just Tam and Tam pissing about.

And that's Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, Tricia Marwick MSP, on drums.

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God Bald Taliban Tam
I Fought The Craw Rexie Horse Wi Nae Weans


Goodbye Norman's JeansGoodbye Norman's Jeans Rexie
You Rexie Thing

Je TamJe Tam

Glenrothes On My Mind


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