Daily Reckless


The Butcher

I'm the most common butcher
I've sliced all the fat from your joints
I have chopped and I've severed
And scored vital propoganda points

I don't need to remind you
There's no going back any more
I need to keep possession
As long as I know I can score

And I'll charm everyone back to work
And when it's done
I won't know who was won

I'm the most common butcher
My apron is splattered with blood
I have cut out the body
Of many an old neighborhood

I don't need to remind you
That I have a bottomless store
Where I keep all the money
Donated to me by the lords

But it's all that I have
And it's very very sad
But you have to believe to be had

And I keep an apprentice
Who knows what to do when I go
He will grin like his mentor
Though his soul lost the fight long ago

And he knows in his heart
That the polls and the papers are king
But still he'll pretend
And say anything at all just to win

So farewell, that's me done
I cracked The Mirror
Stared out The Sun
And beat The Record
I can't lie
I have won

(from the album Dislocation Dislocation)


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