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Of Mince and Men

Of Mince and Men by Tommy Mackay

Do you like your dinners frozen?
Do you like to keep your clothes on
When you're alone or in the kitchen?
do you smile?
You're not convincing me.

Do you prefer mashing to mincing?
What rocks your gravy boat -
Sweets or savouries?

Do you like it raw and bleeding?
Do you think I am succeeding
With all these stupid food metaphors?
Am I a nibble without a course or what?

You are my hors d'oeuvres
You are my main dish
You're not my pudding, though,
That would be pish

So let us talk of mince and men
The sorbet's stronger than the pen
And we'll go down in history
For being mean, lean and fat free

Mince and men
Talking of mince and men

(from the album Dislocation Dislocation)


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