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Zoinks! - A Tenner

I was walking down the street with Virginia McKenna
You know her, she was in Born Free and other stuff
Ach, yer bound ti ken her
When I looked down and saw a note the colour of rust and henna
I was down on that pavement faster than Ayrton Senna

Well, I'm not a rich man or a poor man or a thief
I'm not a beggar but this beggars belief
I was really hungry, I was starvin' for ma denner
When I looked down and there it was -
Zoinks! A Tenner

Virginia looked across the road, saw a Big Issue seller
She said 'Why don't you give the money to that there homeless fellah?'
So, I went across, but I really did not have the heart to tell her
That I just slipped the guy a couple of pound coins
And said' Get yourself some Stella.'

Zoinks! A Tenner



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