Daily Reckless



I hear the government wants to be a spy
And read all our emails - I don't know why
Well, here's a solution which cannot fail
cc the home office into every email you send

cc - home office
cc - Jacqui Smith

Make sure you send them every piece of spam
Especially those that promise to increase your little man
Because the government doesn't want to feel inferior
Forward them everything from Nigeria

cc -cc
cc- cc

Set up a program to work from dusk till dawn
And don't forget to include a link to donkey porn (they love it!)
And when the whole country has emailed Gordon Brown
We'll crash their servers and bring the government down

cc - Jacqui Smith, home office
cc - Jacqui Smith
cc - Jacqui Smith
Home office

Damien McBride
Stand aside
Gordon Brown
You're going down

cc - Jacqui Smith
cc - Jacqui Smith



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