Daily Reckless



There's a brand new craze
Called the deep malaise
Spreading around the world
Everybody's doing it
Fucking up and screwing it up for all they're worth

There's a ball of insignificance inside your head
From the minute you are born to the moment you are dead
Forget about religion or mutual masturbation
Put your faith in Phineas Freak and the Smooth Perturbations

Phineas Freak and the Smooth Perturbations
We are the new United Nations
I bet you want to see our manifesto
Sell your house and squat in Tescos

Plan A!

Everybody says that, in the end,
All that really matters is your family and friends
But what if you can't stand your family
And you have no friends
And everyone you meet just drives you round the bend

Who are you going to turn to?
I'll tell you, my friend
That is what we're here for
This is our plan B
After taking over Tescos
We're gonna storm Aldi

Phineas Freak and the Smooth Perturbations
We are the new United Nations
We're going to redistribute the wealth
Starting from the middle
We're going to liberate call centres and take over Lidl

The beauty of our plan is that the brotherhood of man
Becomes the brotherhood of management
And everybody can supervise in supermarkets
Where there is the will
Some work on the meat counter
And some work on the till

Phineas Freak and the Smooth Perturbations
We are the new United Nations
Phineas Freak and the Smooth Perturbations
We are the new United Nations

Come one and all
We'll have a ball
In the mall

The strong and the meek
Can follow Phineas Freak

From each according to his abilities
Make full use of our facilities

(from the album - Phineas Freak and the Smooth Perturbations)



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