Daily Reckless



Mary had a little chav
Its cap was burberry
But that's too bleeding obvious
Try something else, let's see...

It's baby Jesus time

Well I've been travelling all night long
I'm on my way to Bethlehem
Joseph's coming along
I'm on a donkey and I'm nine months gone

There was no room at the inn
Now I'm in a stable condition
But I'm really, really tired
I need to sleep but I'm totally wired

Wake me up before the donkey
I'm in labour and me legs are wonky
Mum and dad, they didn't want me
And Joseph's not the real dad
Don't tell me mam

Is that the three wise men I see?
I hope they've got me something nice like a Nintendo Wii
Or a 36 inch plasma
What's this frankincense and myrrh?

How does it work?
Where's the cable?
Is it Play Station compatible?

A wean in a manger
Nae drugs for ma head
They might've brought a litre of vodka instead


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