Daily Reckless


Rowche Rumble
(by The Foul)

Rowche Rumble
Is valium
Rowche Rumble
That's rumble

Thousands of wives around the world
are given them by doctors, who think they're little girls
The doctors need prescriptions
The wives need their pill
So Rowche Rumble

Menopause wives are hard to handle
No culture or love, no gambles
The dull manage, especially smashed
on Rowche Rumble
Rowche Rumble

Physician, heal thyself

Our government's built on expense accounts
Once in, never out
A step to Rowche
Force feeding
What are the people around you taking?
Rowche Rumble

Now I've tried crazy things
Abusing my body to a quick end
But I'll never never never never do it again
I said I'll never never never never do it again
Rowche Rumble

Physician, heal thyself.
Musician, heal thyself.
Hey mister, heal thyself.

Loads of people across the land
Do a prescribed death dance
While condemning speed and grass
They got an addiction like a hole in the ass

Rowche Rumble
Rowche Rumble

I send 70 pounds instead of 70p
to pharmaceutical company
Rowche AG

Rowche Rumble
Is valium
That's rumble

(live recording - available on the album Foul Plagiarism)

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