Daily Reckless


Don't Involve Yourself

My solar panels have frosted over
The central heating's full of ice
The encycyclopedias in the attic
Are being gnawed by rats and mice

The living room is full of coffins
The toilet cistern overflows
The stairs are waterfalls of sewage
Washing over all my clothes

And all I hear is Radio Reckless
All I see is BBC Feckless
All I taste is yesterday's breakfast
All I feel is...nothing

From the bedroom to the basement
The temperature is set to chill
The mould around the doors and windows
Makes all visitors feel ill

There's nothing cooking in my kitchen
There is no carpet in the hall
Don't mention self help, D.I.Y.
Don't Involve Yourself at all


(from the album The Plagiarist presents... Straight to CD)


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