Daily Reckless



Oh, is he more
too much more than a hairy face
(I know the words to Candle in the Wind)
It's so strange the way he talk, it's a disgrace
I know I'm out of style and I cannae smile
But I don't care how cold you are
Sir Alan Sugar
I'm gonna make you a czar

'Never underestimate me.'

Well, he says,
'I won an egg and spoon race once.'
But I don't believe him
'I've got a B in GCSE French'
That's nice, dear.

Well, he says,
'I don't give a shit.' And 'Shut it.'
'I drink a 1000 cups of coffee a day.'
'My car can go a 100 miles an hour.'
I'm gonna make you a czar
'Oh piss off.'
I'm gonna make you a czar
'I'm certainly better than you tossers.'
I'm gonna make you a czar.

'Are you 'avin a laugh or what?'


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