Daily Reckless

Cindy Tells Edinburgh Man

It's springtime but I still miss the streets at dawn
And in the morning walking your bridges home
As I sit and stare at all of England's souls
I tell you something
I wish I was in Edinburgh

I don't mind being by myself
Don't wanta be anywhere else
Just wanna be in Edinburgh
I wish I was an Edinburgh man

You can leave me on the shelf
I'm an Edinburgh man myself
I will always give you help

It's summertime but I still miss your skies so clear
Sitting and staring on a beach somewhere
I'll tell you something
I wish I was in Edinburgh

Cindy tells me the rich girls are weeping
Cindy tells me they've given up sleeping alone
And now they're so confused by their new freedoms

And she tells me they're selling off their maisonettes
Left their hotpoints to rust in their kitchenettes
And they're saving their labour for insane reading

Some of them lose and some of them lose
But that's what they want and that's what they choose
It's a burden
Such a burden
Oh what a burden to be so relied on

Don't give a toss about private wealth
And history just repeats itself
Keep me away from the Festival
And just give me a warm quarter-gill

They say you project yourself
But I'm an Edinburgh man myself

It's wintertime and I still see the cobble stones
Clacking over your streets at dawn
I was really poor since I left Edinburgh

I'm OK just by myself
Cause our miserable kids won't protect us from ourselves
How I wish I was in Edinburgh
How I wish I was in Edinburgh

I was always in good health
I'm an Edinburgh man myself
I will always give you help
I'm an Edinburgh man myself


(from the album I'm An Edinburgh Man, Myself)


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