Daily Reckless



Music by Russell Laing. Effects, treatments and wailing by Tommy Mackay.


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Cecily Plasticine
Staircase (MEStery)
Heaven Cannae Wait
Working For The Cooncil
Melancholic Alcoholic
Alastair Darling
Albert Schweitzer
Jeremy Paxman
Andy Stewart
Fifers Rock
Alex Salmond
Arnie Schwarzenegger
Huns Of Ibrox
Wrong 'Em Boyle
Haggis Bombs
Scotland Calling
Campbell's Sauce
Tiger Christmas
It's Cliched To Be Cynical At Christmas
Heather The Weather
Constable Campbell
Bored Again Christians
The Sun and Gordon Brown Are No More
The Boy Fae Auchtermuchty
Govan Must Be Missing An Angel
I Scream For Quo
No Whisky In The Bar
Manhattan Coat
Gadaffi Goes To New York
Laura Palmer's Father
The Ballad Of Lulu Reed And Twiggy Pop
Ode To Mary Jo
Straight Outta Libyaton
The Mark E Smith Guide To Writing Guide
Mnemonic Bonanza
MSPs Picnic
Anthea Turner's Cock
Bang Bang
Shall I Compare Thee To Ann Summers, Dear?
Big Black Cat
Without Ewan McGregor
First We Take Lumphinnans
Molly Weir
Imagine There's No Lennon

The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band
Everybody's Dying Nowadays
Solid Gold Easy Redaction
I Am The Fly
Points Of View
Gonna Make You A Czar
Coronation Steen
Goodbye Hazel Blears
Korea Opportunities
The Pet Shop Man
The Man Whose Job Exploded
Me And My Man Boobs
Only Pools and Horse Manure
Welcome To The Problem
Totally Fired
Joanna Lumley
Swine Flu
Bathgate Queen
Phineas Freak and the Smooth Perturbations
Clare Balding-A-Ling
Gordon Brown (Superhero mix)
Chief Whip
Bohemian Anchovy
Royal Bank Of Scotland
Mary Had A Little Chav
Scary Wee Boy
Noel Yell
Satellite Blow Up
Boabie - The Slowest Milkman In The West
Southerness Is Painless
It's Mustard, Richard. Mustard!
Everybody's Heard About The Words
Crazy Boris
Vatican Broadside (Treasury Version)
Bendy Bus Song
Dedicated Follower Of Fascism
King Of The Swingers (BB Edition)
Only Shoes
Terrorist Medley

Scotland Calling
New Politiks

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