Daily Reckless

Rock JD
Whyte & Mackay

I'll do a floorshow
legs in the air so
I look cool
but no one laughs though
I'm the man but they don't understand
Am I funny?
(Yes I am!)
I'm drunk (Hey!)You're drunk(woo!)
We're drunk everybody
Goes straight for the bloodstream when it
Gets into your body

In my cheeks there's no feeling
An' ah'm totally beelin'
It's a Saturday night
Got my Ben Sherman Shirt on
So I'm practically certain
I'll get a shag tonight

You can drink it on the rocks, JD
But with Coke it is really nice
So fill it to the top, JD
Gonna suck on the lemon slice

Cowgate Subway
Late night club way
Like to come here
after the pub way
Some little radge from Pilton
has just knocked ma pint, yeah knocked ma pint
Got no drink, got no tabs
time to spend some money
goes straight for the bloodstream when it
gets into your body

People say that it's sleazy
that the girls are all easy
there's one to every five men
I'm wearing Lynx Oriental
girls think I'm subtle and gentle
"do you come here often?"

You can drink it on the rocks, JD
But with Coke it is really nice
So fill it to the top, JD
Gonna suck on the lemon slice


(from Buckfast in Bed)


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