by Movistarz



A is for Agdam (a ghost town in the southwest part of Azerbaijan – the formal capital of Agdam District)
Z is for Zangilan (a town in the Zangilan Rayon of Azerbaijan)
E is for Ell and Nikki (won the Eurovision Song Contest 2011)
R is for Rashadat Akhundov (youth activist and co-founder of N!DA Civic Movement)
B is for Black January (a violent crackdown on civilian population of Baku in 1990)
A is for Artsakh (independent country in the South Caucasus – part of Azerbaijan)
I is for Independence
J is for Jabrayil (administrative territorial entity in the south-western part of Azerbaijan)
A is for Atropates (a Persian satrap in the Achaemenid Empire – where Azerbaijan derives its name)
N is for Nakhchivan (the capital of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan)


Every woman, every man
In Azerbaijan
Stand up
Sit down
And turn around
Put your hands up in the air
Or lean back in your chair
We really don’t care
In Azerbaijan
We have a cunning plan
To just spell out constantly
The letters of our country


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