Daily Mael 1967 – 1969






1969 – a ‘demo’ album

Deeply weird squelching noises and whispering Russell vocals. This is all over the place and a definite mind fuck. Like The Doors meets Pink Floyd with a bit of Test Department and Throbbing Gristle thrown in.

Some really heavy organ work going on here in an absolute storming attack on the senses. Late psychedelia at its best.

Disjointed office larks with strident acoustic guitar, piercing organ and a lead guitar soaring half way through. Nice wig out ending too.

Millie – Jangly Byrds guitar and psych vocals plus bouncy bass joined by perky mellotron type keyboard.

Fascinating kind of English 60s pop vibe, but then from nowhere the operatic falsetto emerges!

No hook or compelling musical motif here, but a pleasing little slice of late 60s goofiness nevertheless.

Wavering psychedelia with a touch of the Syd Barretts about it. Even for Sparks this is weird. For instance, ‘Your presence is felt in Victorian overstuffed couch.’

Bombastic musical setting for a wacky tale about an arts and crafts fair. The list of participants and prizewinners is a joy to behold: ‘Lovely Claudine Jones has come to push her quilt.’

Fab psychedelic fuzz guitar work as well as some stirling, swirling organ work. About Johnny quitting his strange and soulless job for, er.. something.

Rocking out in a pre-Sparks fashion. No trademark falsetto or distinctive piano sound here yet, just dirty guitars and threadbare keyboards 60s garage band style. Short, sharp and shockingly tasty.

1967 – an early incarnation

Fantastically basic and way ahead of its time, Computer Girl predates sex robots by half a century! ‘If you’d like a date with her, place an IBM card in her stomach.’ Great stuff, like Kraftwerk meets Trio. And I love how he tries to fix her with hammer and nails.

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