Football, football, football. The reality. Kes backed by ‘Sparta FC’ by The Fall. see also: Reckless Football Club Anthems Looking Forward To All The Football

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Hau Das Ding Nach Vorne

  Handy German guide to common Scottish fitba patter. Henning Wehn translates, assisted by Craig Levein, Mark Nelson, Amy Irons and The Fall. Original clip from BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Sacked In The Morning.’ see also:…

Wimbourne Town Football Club

  Minister of State for Illegal Migration, Michael Tomlinson, makes an arse of himself on TV, backed by ‘Kicker Conspiracy’ by The Fall. see also: Carrie Bag Man Married Two Kids On The Block  …

We Are The Undead

“Nobody has ever committed a crime after being executed,” says Tory deputy chairman, Lee Anderson.  We beg to differ. Reminds us of the soundtrack from the zombie football film, Wraith Rovers… Walking home through Beveridge…

On The Lash

  Punter gives sound advice for sports fans everywhere. Poetry. “We don’t care if we win lose or draw What the hell do we care We only know there’s gonnae be a show And Bonnie…

Sexy Negligee

  Poem by frustrated Match Of The Day viewer set to music and read by Jimmy Hill. Original footage here:  

Douglas Useless

Celtic fans have spoken. Well, hello, my name is Douglas Douglas Useless I am the new Scottish Tory boss The only thing that people know about me Is that I hate gypsies and I am…

Andy Murray

As Andy Murray battles through yet again, here’s an old cheesy classic from the archives: He’s eloquent and witty He’s a Scot and he’s a hibby Andy Murray Andy Murray He’s beaten Roger Federer And…

Cheesy Peeps

  Commentators from an Arbroath Dunfermline match, set to ‘The Breakdown’ by Rufus Thomas. see also: Away For A Jobby At Half Time (My Shit) Reckless Football Club Anthems