Daily Mael 1984

Instrumental. Poor fare.

Not a lot going for it, except for the pronunciation of ‘California’ and the pleasant chorus after the boring verses which drag in a low voice until ‘Paramedic.’ Horrible bass bits and horrible drums after ‘jungle fever.’ Apart from that…

Wonderful soaring chorus and silky smooth backing singers really make this delightful little pop song fly. Again, a straight ahead arrangement with no peculiar flourishes or anything, but it works because of the melody. Saucy and a little creepy as you might expect about this sibling ’round-up at the love corral.’

The upbeat music makes for a disconcerting setting for a beautiful song about loneliness and longing, but it captures the swirl of life going on around you when you’re feeling low. ‘Squeeze me so tight that logic flies from me.’ Sparks don’t do out and out sad songs much, but when they do, it’s magical.

Come on, Sparks – you can do better than this. There’s a weariness behind these perfunctory dance tracks that comes through to the listener. Could do with some more off key keyboard at the end. ‘There’s a new thang a comin’.’ Here’s hoping.

Sounds genuine but the words are just too clumsy and stereotypical of forlorn love songs that it’s probably best to keep that pinch of salt handy. Anyway, the speaker to speaker swoosh is a good start, but then it gets lacklustre. The wild west video they made for this one is hilarious however.

Oh those syndrums are orrible. After the spoken verses, the ‘I know my heart can’t be broken’ bit comes as a relief and the main hookline’s good too. I mean overall, it’s still better than anything Duran Duran and their ilk came up with, but, still, this is Sparks.

Marvellous. A no holds barred catchy classic. More fun than you can throw a bar snack at. Totally infectious rhythm and melody with a breezy chorus accompaniment. Even the gloriously cheesy instrumental synth break is a hoot. Especially when it builds to the last verse. Can’t get enough of this one.

Well, this is a bit bland. Trudges along on a workaday eighties synth backdrop and never really gets anywhere. Huge disappointment. Not even a quirky tangent and the only witty line is ‘We should use the method, girl and practice through the night.’

‘Applause, applause, applause, applause, applause.’ A fabulously sad lament about the thankless task of entertainment and attention seeking when the love of your life is unimpressed by your antics.

There is also an unreleased soundtrack to a film called Bad Manners (aka Growing Pains), from this year. A typical 80s teen movie, I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch. As for the songs, the following are all I could find on YouTube:

Played over the opening credits and the main theme of the film. Standard 80s fare. A pedestrian instrumental.

Performed by Adele Bertei. Harmless little pop song with airy feel. Not exercising any particular senses. Adele has a nice voice. Er, that’s about it.

Descended From The Apes 

Can’t find it anywhere. Performed by Charlie Sexton

Riot With Me

Can’t find it anywhere. Performed by Laurie Bell

Screaming (a.k.a. Scared)

Can’t find it anywhere. Performed by Runnings

Performed by Gleaming Spires. This has a little more life to it, despite the awful syndrums, with a not unpleasant refrain. The shouting of “Quiet, please!” is a highlight.

“Tally ho!” Extremely dubious mediocre song, sung with a lustre so lacking as to be non-existent. Not Sparks’s finest minutes.

What You’re Wearing

Can’t find it anywhere. Performed by Sparks and Laurie Bell.

Growing Pains (Reprise)

Can’t find it anywhere. Performed by Sparks













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