The Ethics Advisor

  The ethics advisor arrived with a karaoke machine Saying now is the time to sing I Will Survive If you know what I mean If we ever get caught take full responsibility And say…

Hear here

A Ploy Named Sue

  Well, I’m a cheatin’ rat and a son of a gun And I don’t give a toss about this country I run My main concerns are money, cake and booze Now, I don’t have…

Dearth Of A Party

  Yet another party Came as no surprise Why do they bother Waiting for Sue Gray Another day And he thought well well Go to another party And hang myself Gently on the shelf The…

The F Word

  Mhairi Black succinctly sums it up. Accompanied by Pop Muzic.   see also: Mhairi Black Ava Mhairi Ah!

Throwing Eggs At Margaret Thatcher

  I’m throwing eggs at ya Margaret Thatcher At only 10 quid a pop I’m nearly skint but I cannot stop If you can afford it, roll up, roll up Mouldy old gateaux and rotten…

Are You My Mummy?

  Simpering Sun sycophancy summons sickening song by Sex Pistols.   see also: Parasites God Save Our Quids Sun front page:

Listen To The Doctor

As the new Dr Who is announced, we look back at when David Cameron took on the daleks and lost.   see also: Charlie Is A Dalek Riddy