Fuck The Zeitgeist

A compilation of the best comedy music from Fuck The Zeitgeist over the years, with none of the talking.







And here’s the old podcast from back in the day.

Comedy. Music. Music. Comedy. They CAN work together. Let’s make it happen.

EPISODE 17 Everybody knows it’s very mature and extremely intelligent to swear. So, here’s some top notch comedy cussing featuring Alexei Sayle in probably the most sweary packed song ever, Ian Dury, a self confessed thick Glaswegian and Tommy fucking Mackay ya bass.

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EPISODE 16 Yaysh – itsh the inevitable Xmas edition. And, since I’ve been at the sherry already, this one’s brought to you in glorious inebriation. Featuring seasonal wailings from Half Man Half Biscuit, The Fall, NEDS Kru feat. the Wee Man and The Artist Formerly Known as Tinsel. Away and stuff yersel’

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EPISODE 15 Not for those of a sensitive comedy disposition. This collection of misfits straddle the border between irritation and inspired lunacy. Featuring The Flying Lizards covering James Brown, The Tiger Lillies, The Chuckle Brothers remixed, and your host, Tommy Mackay with an epistle from The Proclaimers to Michael Jackson. An acquired taste.

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EPISODE 14 A belated Halloween special featuring some unusual and obscure tracks by Bob McFadden, The Kings of Calypso, Tim Curry and Tommy Mackay. All the usual scary stuff – zombies, mummies, witches and Kerry Katona.

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EPISODE 13 Masterful comedic performances from Brian Damage & Krysstal covering the current financial crisis, Jeffrey Lewis documenting the legend of The Fall, Doghorse discovering the erotic delights of Janette Krankie, John Shuttleworth with a heartfelt rendition of ‘My Wife Died in 1970’, and a message from me to Ringo Starr.

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EPISODE 12 A semi-Shand celebration with E-Jitz and Richard Thompson, Eskimo fun with Corky And The Juice Pigs and a paean to that pain Peter Mandelson.

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EPISODE 11  From Sweden, Scotland, France, Germany and England, The Social Services, Klaus Nomi, The Jellybottys and The Plagiarist. Now that’s what I call world musical comedy.

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EPISODE 10 For your feelgood antidote to the current critically acclaimed miserablist gloop (do you know your arse from Elbow?), why not try some Iggy Pop, Frank Sidebottom, Ricky Gervais and a side dollop of Jeremy Paxman.

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EPISODE 9 Eclectic eccentrics and musical maestros. Nourish yer nuts with this mixed bag of David Byrne, HeeBeeGeeBees, John Cale and The Foul.

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EPISODE 8 Exhausted after a 22 show run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Reckless Tommy returns with a wee corker of a selection of choons, namely, the Tartan Special contractual obligation song, A Finger Of Shortie Is All You Need, plus tunes from Joe Rodger & Velcro Quartet, Hight St. Fred and Robyn Hitchcock.






EPISODE 7 Tartan Special special, featuring Barry McDonald and Tommy Mackay plugging away like billy-o with songs from the Edinburgh Fringe show.

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EPISODE 6 Bill Bailey, The Just Joans, Sparks and Bill Clinton’s Havana conspire to bring you the best in musical comedy. You got a problem with that?

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EPISODE 5 Another wee treat -especially if you’re a fan of Alasdair Gray, possibly Scotland’s greatest living writer. Hear Alasdair sing on a cover of Sun Ra’s ‘Nuclear War’ – it’s a belter. Also featuring Glasgow’s Sparrahawk, They Might Be Giants and They Might Be Gannets.

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EPISODE 4 Go Home Productions, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Scott Renton and Tommy Mackay – a magical, musical and political comedy confectionery – with added pigeon.

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EPISODE 3 Fucktastic frivolity featuring Chris Morris, The Bum Clocks, Billy Childish and me.

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EPISODE 2 Laugh like loons and appreciate the choons in this edition featuring the legendary likes of Ivor Cutler, Richard Cheese, The Fall and Whyte & Mackay.

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EPISODE 1 Kicking off this kerrazy podcast thang with some class tracks from Half Man Half Biscuit, Dumb Instrument, Flight Of The Conchords, Cassette Boy and yours truly. Engorge yourself – it’s funnier than you think.

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