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Naebdy Telt Me

  Well, everybody’s talking and splitting bloody hairs Everybody’s breaking rules and no one really cares There’s matches in the commons, just below the stairs Always something happening and nothing going on There’s always something…

Lightweight Blues

  Wadin’ through the waste of Westminster And there’s not a friend to help you through Douglas, dry your eyes – they won’t save yer Drop your friends and start to sing the blues Thank…

Michael Fabricant

  Who can wear a toupee (who can wear a toupee) On top of their head (on top of their head) Cover it with wotsits and a dollop of glue? Fabricant (Fabricant) Michael Fabricant (Michael…

Sound Of A Cunt

  That’s the sound of a cunt smirking like a wean again That’s the sound of a cunt smirking and lying   see also: Boris Is A Lying Cunt Party Party Party

Nigel Farage Mentally Tweets

  Dear Andy You clearly do not understand me Nigel Farage mentally tweets Novak Djokovic is my friend And he needs me Nigel Farage mentally tweets He’s spent his career Drinking piss weak beer Hating…

Matt Berry Sez

  A stramash-up of The Fall’s ‘Terry Waite Sez’ and Matt Berry.   see also: When Mark E Smith Met Matt Berry Empire State Fall  


  Here come 2022 Another year with nutting to do Might as well just sniff some glue Hello 2022 2,0,2,2   see also: 2021 2020