Alternative Platinum Party

  Based on Happy Toast’s poster, here are clips from what, in a parallel universe, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee party would actually sound like.


  Pubiquitous* This is getting ridiculous In the bath, on the floor And even the door Aw naw, aw naw Pubiquitous In yer face, in yer sink no less Black, white and even silver The…

Blue Canary

  If you do a Google search On They Might be Giants merch You might be surprised by what they set out in their stall Lots of t-shirts and music – buy ’em But there’s…

Trailer for Diving For Twirls

With a backing track of ‘The Band That Introduces Itself’ by They Might Be Giants featuring clips from the album, here’s the trailer for ‘Diving For Twirls’ by They Might Be Gannets. Full album here

Celebrities And Their Things

Half Bam Half Whisky present more songs with apostrophes in them. Tracks Adrian Chiles’s Urinal Iggy Pop’s Parrot Alan Tichmarsh’s Jumper Tony Blair’s Mortgage Advisor Big Dom’s Blouse Liz Truss’s Helmet Homer’s Morrissey Jim Murphy’s…

Adrian Chiles’s Urinal

  Adrian Chiles’s urinal He’s got one in his flat He is very proud of it A great enthusiast It sits below a stained glass window featuring West Brom Adrian Chiles’s urinal What could possibly…

Listen To The Doctor

As the new Dr Who is announced, we look back at when David Cameron took on the daleks and lost.   see also: Charlie Is A Dalek Riddy