I Scream For Quo

  Arm in arm And row on row We’re cranking up the stereo We’re heading for an ASBO I scream for Quo Fast ‘n’ bulbous On we go Heel for heel And toe for toe…

Beatles Bones

  The Beatles meet Mark E Smith meets Captain Beefheart in a retelling of Strawberry Fields Forever. From the album Top Of The Popstock Vol.4 by The Foul.   see also: Evolver Six Months Later…

Totally Wire

  I am the Foul, I am the Foul, I am The Foul, I am The Foul… from the album Top Of The Popstock Vol.4 see also: Totally Tarbuck Totally Scunnered (Cox Mix)

Everybody Used The Trams

  The peerless Fyfe Robertson extols the virtues of the trams backed by Bob Dylan’s ‘Rainy Day Women #12 & 35’ see also: Must Be Judas (Ken Barlow Heckles Dylan) The Freewheelin’ Doctor Who

Happy Holiday Monday

  Happy Mondays meet The Fall. Did you enjoy yerself? It’s not right. from the album Top Of The Popstock Vol. 4

Top Of The Popstock Vol.4

The fourth volume of Mark E Smith doing his thing over various pop tunes. Tracks: Chip Priest I’m A Mekon How I Wrote Terror Man Totally Wire Beatles Bones Is This New Order? Hard Life…

Shangarchy In The UK

  From the EP Bay City Pistols, heeeeeere’s Johnny getting to grips with Shang A Lang. see also: Oligarchy In The UK Fuck The Purists

Shot In The Back Of The Head

  Lost in the dark and the dead Shot in the back of the head Was was was walking Walking away No no no more talking No nothing to say Shot in the back of…

How I Wrote Terror Man

  Are you there Mark? Is there anybody there? Yeah! It’s the news headlines No, it’s not We’re going straight to me This is breaking news It’s fast happening I’m eternally grateful To my past…