A Half Man Half Biscuit sample provides the background to a song about the meaningless of life and quiz shows. from the album Ziggy Sturgeon and The Spiders From Katie Melua’s Ears by Tommy Mackay….

Jackie Bird

OK boys, give us one of them Reporting Scotland couthy, homely wee country vibes Haud oan to yer Auntie Beeb’s pinny Ah wella everybody’s seen Jackie Bird Bird, Bird, Bird Jackie Bird Look at yersel,…

The McBots

It’s #NationalUnicornDay. Deploy the unicorn! We are Scottish Nationalists Manipulating through our wrists We are the McBots We are the McBots We are the McBots (dissolve the union) We are the McBots (deploy the unicorn)…

Let me tell you about my new LP

“A lot of people have been asking me about my new LP. Well, here it is, pop-pickers. It features lots of stirring tunes including Caravan Of Leave, Making Placards For Nigel and These Boots Won’t…

Do The Zombie

Newsnight’s political editor, Nicholas Watt, quotes a cabinet minister, who, when asked why May is  pressing ahead with a vote she knows she’ll lose, answers: “Fuck knows. I’m past caring. It’s like the living dead…

Uri Geller

  Good evening Here’s a letter; In case you cannot read It’s from a fake illusionist to a fake delusionist Who’s not doing very well Oh well, his name is Uri Geller He’s such a…

A ‘B’ Road

Half Bam Half Whisky present a unique concept album following the progress of Nigel Farage and his mad March marchers as they travel from Wonderland to Lundun.  Never mind Abbey Road, here’s a ‘B’ Road….


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