War Ukulele

with apologies to Tom Robinson


Ooh what a pickle we’re in missus
A fool in the White House, a fool in north Korea
We’re even having to march for science
These tiny leaders might not be giants
I see white shadows under a mushroom
I see blood in the shaving mirror
Time and time and time again
Meanwhile the Mail wants to crush the saboteurs
If you want a protest song don’t look to Olly Murs
There’s a parcel of rogues being done for electoral fraud
And not a single one prepared to fall on their sword
I want to be still beside you – quiet and still beside you
Listening to your breathing and feeling your warmth again

War ukelele
War ukelele – this uke kills fascists baby
I’m scared, so scared
I’ve only got four strings
I feel I should be doing more important things

I don’t think I could stand another general election
All this stabbing and wounding – only to get the Tories back
They just want to batter you to your feet and knees and elbows
You feeling strong and stable? You want chaos instead?
Corresponding disasters every night on the TV
Sickening reality keeps gripping me in its guts
All my friends talk and joke and laugh about Armageddon
But like a nightmare it’s still waiting there at the end of every day

War ukelele… etc.

I don’t think I could stand another ten years of this fighting
Do you remember the 1990s – it seemed compassion was on the way
We thought we’d done with dictators and someone would care
But all we ended up with was Tony Blair
And ever since we’ve been going down the drain
Equality seems impossible, the future is insane
We’re on a war footing, Corbyn sings freedom for Tooting
A little beardy man, all wrinkles and bulging eyes

War ukelele.. etc.
2-4-6-8 Ukelele
Sing if you’re glad to be George Flambe

from the album It’s Turned Out Shite Again by George Flambé

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