Methil Machine Music

Concept album about Lou Reed’s longing for Fife.


Chitter Chatter
The Sound Of Love
Try For The Kingdom
I’m Gonna Move To Glenrothes
New Town Telephone Conversation
In A Kilt In Edinboro
Waiting For Warhol
Watt Goes On
Arsene Parsley
Lou Reed Eyes
Story Ended

Lou Reed’s aunt married a Scottish dentist and during the 50s would often spend his summer vacation between Glenrothes and Durness. Interviewed last year she claimed that after being reacquainted he would tell her, ‘While NYC is my home, Glenrothes is my heart.’*

This is the story of that journey and how, after an epiphany during a performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in a chicken suit, he decided to form the Samuel Beckett tribute act, Watt Watt Watt.

“I don’t know just where I’m going but I’m gonna try for the Kingdom if I can.”

*as recounted by Grant McPhee


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