Do Scotland


We are a sensation
A fabulous nation
Needing a new solution
We’re tired of devolution

Do it Scotland
Is the only way
That’s why we say
Do it Scotland!

Don’t listen to the fables
That we’re somehow unable

Slow and gentle
Is just mental
All styles served here
But how can you prefer
Laissez-faire Scotland

Tired of this tango
Fed up with fandans. Go!

Dance on moonbeams
Slide on rainbows
In furs or blue jeans
You know what I mean
Do it Scotland!…Oooh

Had your fill of weebles?
Are you fed up in Peebles?
Bored in Aberdeen?
Westminster isn’t your scene?

They’re playing out of tune
In the union
On the fiddle
Down the Lidl
But we love Scotland

Blur versus Oasis
A very minor skirmish

Compared to Lulu
Versus The Who
Wellllll who knew
If you must ski
Do it in Glenshee

Sleazier than his boss
The lying linesman, Dross

Will it ever flower
Yellow and Green
Won’t last forever
But they can give Scotland power.

The pricks in Londonisia
The Whitehall fashionista
Do Scotland


from the album Forfar Pleasure by Reckless Music


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