Jocko Euro

As Devo Max is in the news again. here’s the only Devo that matters:



That’s how we spell
This wee country
From Jedburgh
To John O Groats
Wake up and smell
The porridge oats

Are we not Scots?
Jocko Homo
Are we Lulu?
Naw we are no

In Cumbernauld
They’re Scottish too
It’s no their fault
Their toon is new
So’s Glenrothes
And East Kilbride
Are we inbred?
Only in Fife

Are we not Scots?
Jocko Homo
Are we Lulu?
Naw we are no

Are we not mince?
Jocko Euro

God made Scots
But unfortunately
That means he made Sean Connery
He walks like an ape
Talks like an ape
Does what a monkey can do
God made Shotts
And Paisley too

We must repeat
Jocko Euro
We must repeat
Jocko Homo
We must repeat
We must repeat
O.k. lets go!

Rule Britannia
Marmalade and jam
5 Chinese crackers up your jacksie
Boom boom, bang, boom bang

from the album The New Sound by The Plagiarist


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  1. I don’t commonly comment but I gotta admit thank you for the post on this amazing one :

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