Sadiq Khan

Sometimes it’s hard to be the Mayor of London
I can’t imagine what it’s like in Scotchland
I’m not saying your racists
Well, not to your faces
But really that’s the gist of my cunning plan

I’m standing by Kezia Dugdale
She knows what she’s doing I’ve been told
You might say I’m wrong, son
But at least I’m not Boris Johnson
I’m just another ignorant fandan

I’m Sadiq Khan
I want Scotland to love me
But you’re too poor and too wee
SNP’s bad believe me
I’m desperate Dan
And desperate to be leader
Of the party with no party plan
I’m sad Sadiq Khan

I’m Sadiq Khan
I want the world to love me
I’m not comparing you to the Ku Klux Klan
I’m Sadiq Khan

from the album Straight Bananas by Tommy Mackay. Listen here

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